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This guy

He makes me smile even when he doesn’t know it
I can’t hide it from him because when he’s around I always show it
The sarcasm and cockiness is tremendous at times
But then he uses sweet words that keep me in his bind
I’m trying not to fall as hard as I am
Hoping that he’ll catch me and we’ll have a happy end
I’m not expecting a prince charming holding up a glass shoe
Just someone whose love is true
Fairy tales aren’t real but this guy is
No matter what we go through, I just wanna be his
We can be just friends or we can be more
I love when he’s there.. so here’s to this guy
Who I will forever adore

Rayana Bromley

Want to be Wanted

Wish they see what more there is to me
All they care about is if your pretty or ugly
There’s more that meets the eye
Things you have to know me to find
I’ll help you when you’re down
So that you don’t look like a clown
And if you do, you know that you’ll always be..
More than a friend to me
No matter what bad things that you may do…
I just want to be wanted by you

Rayana Bromley

Friend for Life

You’re with me in my time of need
You show no signs of impatience as you hear my plea
You love everything about me, even when I cry
You tell me I can do anything, as long as I try
You love me for me, like no one else will
You want to know who hurt me, so you know who to kill
You’re with me through my pain and strife
So I just wanted to thank you…
For being a friend for life.

Rayana Bromley
I am no barbie, that’s made out of plastic
But a real person, with orginality as strong as elastic
You could never describe me in just one word
Because my personality is as free as a bird
Don’t bring me down or put me in captivity
Because I’m not like the person next to me
It’s ok to be different and not go with the crowd
Speak you mind and say it out loud
Wear what you want and don’t be afraid
To show your true colors no matter how much you paid
Be yourselve, be different and be you
Bring brightness to someones day when their skies are blue
Be yourself
And don’t be afraid
Of the person inside you, that has been made
Rayana Bromley
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